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Pet Shower Spray - Pommeau de douche pour animaux de compagnie

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Now make bathing a fun and relaxing activity for you and your pet. Enjoy showering your pet with our Pet Shower Spray at the place of your choice any time!!

Key Features:

  • You are updated about the existing opportunities to date, and to help you archive your goals, here is a shower head with flexible silicone massage buttons, fit to all taps which make it ideal for your pet.  
  • Multifunction: shower and massage at the same time.
  • Maintenance bracelet-straps are located on each side of the showerhead which will allow you to fix the showerhead on one hand.  
  • This very same bracelet is made for all sizes and hands.
  • The showerhead is made of silicon spikes which will allow you to massage your pet during the shower.
  • You will be able to switch on and off the water jets which are coming out of these silicon buttons as you wish, allowing you to save some water.
  • The water leading plastic pipe to the showerhead is about 2.5 meters length (The Pet Shower Head will come with a7.5 feet long hose and 2 hose adapters to fit 0.6 inches standard faucets)
  • This same pipe is adaptable to all types of indoor or outdoor water tapes.  
  • This grooming multifunction gadget will be perfect for your pet that will appreciate it thanks to the buttons of massages.