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Dog Training Flute - Sifflet d'entrainement pour chien

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English Description:

Do you want to train your puppy in a nice and calmer way Whether your puppy is naughty or not, this is a safe way to train it, without harming it!!

Key Features:

  • This dog training whistle can help you train your dog and eliminate or stop dog barking along with obeying basic commands
  • You can adjust the whistle to find a response frequency of any dog
  • Easy adjustable to train your dog commands and discipline over either short or long distances
  • Lightweight and compact with a leash, fits in the palm of your hand, you can hang the training whistle with your keys and carry it around wherever you go
  • It's a powerful dog training tool, It can act as a dog repellent whistle distracting or repelling a dangerous dog.

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