Colorful Plush Scratch Mini Mouse

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English Description:

These 5pcs/lot Funny False Mouse Toys for Cat help fight boredom when you have to leave your buddy at home and provide them a fun time when they're feeling bored. Toys can even help prevent your pet from developing certain behavioral problems!!

Key Features:

  • Made up of Faux Fur + Silver Sand + Feather
  • Fill with some sand in the cat toys mice, and it can make a sand sound to draw your cat's attention easily and arouse its curiosity.
  • Cute, small, lightweight, funny. Suitable for all kinds of cats.
  • Stimulate the cat's instinct to catch it
  • The mice cat toys will bring a lot of fun and energy for your pets and the pets will be more nimble and energetic.
  • The 5pcs/lot Funny False Mouse Toys for Cat are to find in 5 kinds of colors: blue, black, orange, red, and green.



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