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Reiki for Pets

Reiki for Pets

Syvie, Amigo, Melissa, Dream Boy

Reiki for Pets 

Are you looking for a more holistic way to treat your pet?

Then Reiki could be exactly what you are looking for. It is a form of natural energy healing originating in Japan, which can help our pets in ways that can also complement the care they are also receiving at the vet. Many types of pet health and behavioural issues can be treated by our animal communicator and Reiki Master, Sylvie Eymin.

Did you know that pets have been shown to benefit from this alternative therapy in a number of ways? Read on to discover the benefits your animals can receive from this therapeutic application.

Reiki Distance Healing Energy for Pets

What is Distance Reiki for pets?

This practice is a healing treatment that can be done via distance and is the method of channelling natural healing energy from the universe to your beloved pet. As the energy flows through the practitioner to the animal via an image of the pet, the practitioner acts as a vessel to distribute this powerful healing force.

The Reiki practitioner will send your pet distance healing Reiki energy for 15 minutes to treat any disease. Since Reiki travels where it’s most required, it can cross over large distances and do work where it is needed. Because your pet is unable to their symptoms, working with an experienced Animal Communicator and Reiki Master can help solve the reasons behind your pet’s unusual behaviour or their reduced appetite.

Why choose us?

Sylvie Eymin has been practising Reiki since 2008 and has completed all four levels to become a fully qualified Reiki master. Her mentor was Edith Menger, and she follows the teachings of Mikao Usui.

Not only is Sylvie a qualified Reiki Master, but also a Certified Animal Communicator, making her the perfect choice for your pet.  By listening to your pets, she can help heal them.

Like humans, you need a pet's permission before you do a treatment, therefore, it is important to communicate with them prior to the treatment, during, and after. Since Sylvie is an expert in her field, so she is able to decipher what the animal needs. She lives in New Zealand with her beloved Birman cats, Amigo and Melissa.

Reiki Usui Certificates

What are the health benefits for pets?

It’s said that Pet Reiki can assist with the following:

- Relaxation and calming

- Boost the immune system

- Fight infections

- Reduce stress

- Ward off sickness and health problems

- Pet toileting issues

- Full health check-overs

Two scientific studies were conducted and produced clear, objective evidence of the benefit of Reiki for stress-reduction in animals. Reiki has been shown to be effective in activating the parasympathetic nervous system.* 

This passive experience of relaxation will relax your pet and they will begin to heal as the practitioner lays their hands over the pet’s body or if via distance – the pet’s photo. Cats, being such spiritual creatures, seem especially open to Reiki energy and respond to it well.

So, why not tap into this healing practice for your pet? Book your Pet Reiki session now, which starts from 15 minutes in duration.

Read on to learn more about our specialised Pet Reiki packages

Reiki for Cats & Dogs


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