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Meet Amigo Von Clarens and Melissa Von Clarens. We are two well-travelled, German-born Birmans, who now call New Zealand home. In our spare time, we love playing with a fishing rod toy that can move in every direction and if it has feathers, we get even more excited! 

If you are a Birman enthusiast like our Mama, youll probably know that the breed is also known as the "Sacred Cat of Burma” and that the breed name is derived from the French name for Burma, “Birmanie”. 

With our big purrsonalities, long fluffy fur and deep blue eyes, its no wonder German fashion designer Karl Lagerfield chose “Choupette”, a fellow Birman, to be his companion as he flew around the world on a private jet, as well as being his muse for a range of cat-themed accessories. 

Although we arent quite as famous as “Choupette”, we do enjoy the finer things in life, such as our fancy cat treat dispenser and drinking water straight from the tap (not from a bowl on the floor like some of you other cats). 

Cat Napping

In the evenings, you can find both of us curled up in bed with our owner, Sylvie. It is me, Amigo, who likes to sleep on the left pillow beside her head and if it is too cold, I’ll ask to snuggle under the blankets. As for Melissa, well, she is whats known as a “hug bunny”. Whether it’s morning or night, she likes to cuddle in Sylvie’s arms while our owner pets her distinguished, silky coat. 

Feline Foodies 

We are both fans of Friskies wet food (either in sauce or jelly) and we much prefer the mixed box so we can vary our menu each day. As they say: “variety is the spice of life” and we tend to agree. 

We also enjoy dry food, but as we aren’t spring chickens anymore, we can be a bit sensitive to it and only get a hand full every two or three days. 

History of the Birman 

These colour-pointed cats originated in Burma and are said to have been

a sacred companion of the Kittah priests. Its been reported that the breed first appeared in France around 1920 when a couple of Birmans were shipped from Burma. Although the male cat did not survive the long and tiring journey, the female, “Sita”, survived and was thankfully pregnant. 

Important Birman Facts 

  • Did you know that the average price of a Birman kitten is around $500, although they can cost anywhere from $400 to $1500? 
  • Birman markings can be pure seal, chocolate, blue, red, lilac or cream. Tabby variations are also allowed while “tortie” cats can be seal, chocolate, blue or lilac. 
  • Birmans have sapphire coloured eyes. 
  • Birmans are born white and begin to develop their colours at around one week old. 

Author Bio

Carla is the author of two pets books. She grew up with her French Trinidadian Stepmother’s two Birmans, who had a specially heated outdoor house built for them. You can follow her cat stories @catwiththreepassports

Ami Von Clarens
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