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Help Funding a Stray Project in Rhodos Greece

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Help Funding a Stray Project in Rhodos Greece

"Friends are the Family you Choose for yourself", I grew in West Africa, Cameroon, and I am still in contact ith my childhood/school friends, we are all around the planet but one friend or a friend of a friend need help we all try to be there..

Today Georges Kritikos gain PawsFamily's Attention, as you know PawsFamily is a pets supplies store online and like to help and present interesting projects regarding pets.

Georges is taking on "Strays" ( Dogs), he clean them up, educate them, train them to human and find for them families willing to give them a loving home.

He is against Euthanasy, so no dogs will have to face this, unless there is no other way then to release the animal from its pain.

He is doing this at his free time and with his own money, but now he is geting well known in the area and more dogs are coming into his Dogs Refugium, he now need funding for food, medicaments, care & grooming products, Please contact  Georges Kritikos  here.

This is why Adoption matters/ Get a look at Luma Before and after her adoption, she was placed in Luxembourg.

Luma before / after

Please help fInd this project and give a hand ! Thanks


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