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Complete Wall System Cat Wall Shelves Combo Play Ground

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Complete Wall System Cat Wall Shelves Combo Play Ground

Cats can live indoors very happily, particularly if they've been inside since they were

kittens, but they do have some particular requirements. 

We all love our fur friends and well all want the best for them. 

Overall, indoor cats live in a much more stress-free environment than those that spend time outside, but while they don’t have access to the outdoors, owners should ensure their indoor cats are stimulated and still lead an active lifestyle. 

Create a simulating environment with our cat Shelves complete wall system, this will ensure that your cat has the right amount of exercises.

Cat Wall Shelves Unit Cat Play Ground

You might worry that your indoor cat is bored, especially if you leave her home alone during the day. Your cat need more simulation, then cats love to climb and scratch, and one thing your home might be missing is an acceptable area for your pet to engage in these behaviors 

We offer you here a choice of vertical territory that can serve as your pet's own personal jungle gym that will provide the gift of satisfaction and longevity! 

Wall systems for cats are the latest innovation in cat furniture.  Wall mounted cat shelves and wall mounted cat perches for lounging are a great space saving idea for small spaces and apartments when you don't want to take up valuable floor space.  More importantly, cat wall climbing shelves allow your cats to explore and lounge up high, which cats love. 

Eleganza Branch Cat Wall Shelf

Eleganza Branch Cat Wall Shelf

The Eleganza Branch Cat Shelf provides an elegant place to perch for the feline that likes to peer over a room from above. Your cat will enjoy the spacious platform to climb and lay upon while youíll appreciate the shelfís beautiful aesthetic. Cats will fancy walking across and relaxing on this sturdy shelf, made of solid wood and bent ply. Comfortable berber carpet adorns the top of the shelf which can be replaced if worn.  Add multiple shelves or mix and match with complementary products the Eleganza Leaf Cat Shelf and the Eleganza Cat Tower to create the perfect room for you and your cat to share.

  • 61 inches long and 10.5 inches deep
  • Made of a combination of solid wood and bent ply
  • Wall installation hardware and screw driver included
  • Holes 16 inches apart for wall stud installation (Recommend installation into at least 2 wall studs)
  • Comfortable berber carpet replaceable if worn

Artisan Made - (3) Floating Cat Wall Cubes + (1) Cat Wall Bed

Artisan Made - (3) Floating Cat Wall Cubes + (1) Cat Wall Bed

These beautiful floating cat shelves are made from reclaimed wood. These floating cat shelves can be arranged in any which way you desire! Stagger them to make a cat stair, place them around to make convenient perches for your kitty, line them up to make a larger cat walkway, the possibilities are only as limited as your wall space! These floating cat cubes and cat bed serve a dual purpose, they allow for your kitty to perch up high to build confidence or to just catch a few winks of sleep and they allow for you to place your favorite knick-knacks on the shelf without any worries of kitty knocking it down! All of our cat cubes come carpeted to allow for grip so that your kitty doesn"t fall off and makes for a convenient scratching spot.

For maximum wall strength, install into a stud!

Your choice of color.

This set contains the following:

  • Three Floating Cat Cube Shelves
  • One Floating Cat Bed
  • One Cat Bed foam insert
  • Installation hardware like screws and wall anchors

Each Floating Cat Bed measures approximately:
11 3/4"" L x 19 1/2"" W x 4"" H

Each Floating Cat Cube measures approximately:
5 3/4"" L x 12 1/2"" W x 12"" H

Wall Mounted Cat Play and Relax Center

Wall Mounted Cat Play and Relax Center

This set features four perches, one bridge, one scratching post and one Cozy Kitty Bunk. The materials used to create these items consist off: solid pine wood, veneer plywood, fabric and 100% natural sisal. No added colors or stains are used on our items, we finish them with a burnt touch to bring out the wood grain.

Set Includes:

  • (3) Perches 16" L x 9" W
  • (1) Perch 29" L x 9" W with a 7" passage hole
  • (1) Cozy Kitty Bunk 24"L x 16" W
  • Fabric area opening 20"L x 11"W
  • (1) Bridge 49"-50"L x 9" W
  • (1) Scratching/ Climbing Post 36"L x 4" Dia.

Wine Barrel Cat Wall Bed

Wine Barrel Cat Wall Bed

Wall mounted wine barrel head cat bed made completely from retired Napa wine barrels. 100% Recycled!

The removable cat bed is machine washable and easily replaced. The bed hangs with just 2 heavy duty hooks and takes less then 2 minutes to install.

This delightful wall bed is full of the love we put into them. The barrel comes from Napa wineries and has the deep red of years of producing quality wine.

Perfect for adding a touch of color and warmth to any room. Put multiples up on on wall for an even more awesome look!

Holds even our heaviest cat (28 pounds, he is just a BIG kitty) This fun and funky piece is ready to decorate your home with a little touch of California's wine country.

DIMENSIONS: approx 23"W x 7"T x 12" D

INCLUDES: Shelf, New Cat bed, all the mounting hardware and screws, plus a bunch of extra goodies from the shop, our treat.

Very easy to install.

This will last a lifetime as its solid oak and steel and not cheap plastic.

Special Note About This Item

These products are exquisitely handmade, using 100% recycled materials. They are individually handcrafted, one of a kind creations and not factory manufactured. It is therefore quite difficult to make identical items. Even though we have the most attentive artisans who put forth every effort to create only the best, there may be natural blemishes that should not be misconstrued as flaws. These are what make each piece of a handmade product charming and unique. The pictures may not be identical to the product you receive.

Happy Jumping Cat

These are the Paws Family’s favorite vertical kitty space solution of all cat shelves; 

Not all cats are lucky enough to receive that much attention from their owners. Most aren’t lucky enough to own one of these incredible cat shelves, you must love your pet, to invest in this special and private Jungle Gym unit to make him happy, you must be a very responsible cat owner, and this maybe one of the product you are looking for? 

So, what did you think about these wall shelves? Have you ever thought a wall shelves unit like this would exist? Would you recommend it to other cat owners? Please leave a comment and share this article in case you’ve enjoyed it

Note that these are affiliate links and that Paws Family is earning a commission if you buy one of these Items. Thanks 


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