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Pets Scratching Arch

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English Description:

If you like your pet and would like to help it to be ride of few hairs shedding during the day, by brushing itself around the scrathing arch, this is the ideal item to get.

Do you have enough of chasing around your precious furniture, to clean them while your kitten are causing a mess in your spotless living room, leaving a cloud of hair on your thick carpet or velvet couch? 

This cat self groomer scratching arch is perfect for any cat owner. 

The arched bristle , designed to remove loose, shedding hairs while stimulating your cat with a massage and providing entertainment .

Material: PP+ high carpet cloth + stainless iron

Size: 36 * 28.5 CM * 3 CM

The brush length is 50CM, the diameter of the brush is 5CM, and the height of the brush is about 7.5cm and the height of the brush is 34CM.

A must have for the ellbeing of your pet!

Description Francaise:



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