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Electronic & Interactive Cat Toy Multi Function

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Item:Electric Cat Toy
Size: 8*23.5cm 
Material:ABS, Plastic,Feature
1.PERPETUAL MOVEMENT: This ball has everything a kitty wants - Ball, LED,sound Perpetual Movements. The ball tumbler will automatic spinning on the floor while shooting, it will immediately draw your kitty’s attention, and brings your kitty endless fun
2.Ball shaped Tumbler with  LEDand sound, all three features are built in one toy. And you can get all 3 features within one purchase, great value and worth every penny you spend
3.SPINNING BALL WITH FEATHER ATTACHED: The ball has a feather liked string ears attached on the top, spinning along with the ball to rapidly arise your Kitty’s attention, Kitties will show great interest and be crazy about our Spinning Tumbler in a second
4.SAFETY FOR KITTEN: Our Tumbler is made of Non-toxic and environmental friendly ABS material, it is safe for both of owner and kitten.won’t cause potential harm to kitten and human
5.PRETTY DURABLE: Done more than 100 breakdown tests to ensure the quality.