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Window Bubble Backpack for Canine and Feline Companions

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English Description:

Carry your beloved pet in his comfortable traveling WindowBubble  Backpack for Canine and Feline Companions while going on a long and tiring journey and keeps your furry friend happy!

The benefit of using a backpack is that it leaves your hands free while adventuring while typical Pet carriers are not easy to transport.

Canine and Feline backpacks have generally pockets that allow you to carry a few essentials like keys and treats for your pets.

Key Features:

  • Clear space capsule-like Mesh net-front window performs awesome transparency and provides significant protection to your pet.
  • Nine-hole design for better air permeability.
  • Oxford cloth material, safe and non-toxic, no need to worry about damage done by clawing or gnawing, ensure cats comfort.
  • Internal fastening buckles can effectively prevent the cat from escaping.
  • Solid ABS plastic material, able to be waterproof and anti-scratch, with a protective film on the surface to prevent the surface from being damaged, it can be torn off before use.
  • This pet bubble carrier is equipped with a safety lock to protect the pet from escaping when opening the backpack.
  • With air mesh back, it can absorb sweat and breathe more freely. The wider shoulder belt can relieve the pressure from the backpack and effectively increase the comfort level of the human body.
  • The Rubber handheld features make travel easier.


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