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Soft Cat Grooming Bag Adjustable & Multifunctional

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Cats can be unpredictable, especially when it is time to groom them.

One minute everything is fine, the next your kitty is scratching you because it is trying to get away from the grooming session and while they may not like it. 

Alternatively, with the best pet grooming accessories such as a cat grooming bag, you will be able to trim your cat’s paws, clean the ears, brush its teeth and even bathe your kitty at no cost and with no risk of scratches.

Unless your pet is docile enough to coil its tail throughout a grooming routine unless it is used to since a young age.

We can offer you here the perfect tool for bathing and grooming cats.

  • Made of high-quality polyester, mesh design to let water in and out when bathing.
  • One front zipper of Cat Grooming Bag allow cleaning of front paws, as well as nail clipping.
  • Suitable for cats grooming, bathing, cutting nails, picking ears, cleaning teeth, feeding.
  • Using eye drops, giving medicines and shots, etc
  • Ideal for cats grooming, bathing, cutting nails, picking ears, cleaning teeth, feeding, using eye drops, giving medicines and shots etc.
    Cats love this bag! With the easy-to-slip on opening, it is like putting on a cozy outfit.
  • Breathable, easy to use, and light so your cats won't feel suffocated or trapped.
  • Have a pleasant experience taking care of our furry friends!

Color: as shown

Package Content:
1x bag


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