Portable & Elevated Cat and Dog Bed with Steel Frame - Large

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The Elevated Pet Bed gives your pet the comfort of a resting spot while keeping it off of the ground. Ideal for both cats and dogs the Elevated Pet Bedsits 8 inches off of the ground. Your pet can hop onto it to rest as it hops onto your furniture. The Elevated Pet Bed can be set indoors or outdoors to your pet's desire. Keep your pet off of the cold hard ground. Air circulates above and below your pet as it rests.

DIMENSIONS: 43.5x29.5 for the frame 29x22 inches for the bed. Holds up to 88 pounds.

CONSTANT USE: Rugged design makes this bed great for daily use outdoor or indoors. Waterproof fabric.

YOUR PET STAYS WARM: Elevated design comfortably keeps your pet off the cold hard ground.

STAY ON A SLEEP SCHEDULE: Conveniently aids in maintaining a healthy pet sleep schedule. When your pet wakes up the bed is easy to wash and maintain.


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