Cat Interactive scratching Sisal Tree Tower

  • $31.99

English Description:

Cat scratch post tree will serve as a fun playground for pets and at the same time as their own scratching space. Let your mate enjoy their own company!!!

Key Features:

  • This cat scratcher tree contains a large scratching poll with three branches like a tree, each featuring a carrot hanging design, perfect to keep cats interested in time.
  • Each pole in this small tower is made with durable sisal rope, encouraging use by providing maximum comfort, a modern design, and a safe place to play!
  • This cat scratcher features 3 uniquely fun toys that hang playfully.
  • Each kitty toy on this scratching poll encourages cats to be active and alert.
  • This scratcher engages small kittens and adult cats in multiple levels of play, making it both useful and amusing!
  • This quality scratching post is crafted with sturdy rope materials for a safe and functional vertical design, providing a healthy way for kitties to scratch while helping guard your couch and other furniture!
  • Anti-slip design with a stable base of the sisal pole for cats is made of thick pressed wood which provides reliability and stability of construction.


Déscription Française:



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