Large Luxury Hamster Cage - Guinea Pig Cage and other Small Pets House

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  • The Hamster Cage give your pets a Paradise , It is very comfortable and beautiful to sleep or fun.

    * Transparent house for your convenience to check your little pet, Lovely pattern and entertainment to play fun in the home.

    * The cage is very durable and stylish, your pet will like it very much.

    Condition: 100% Brand New & High Quality 

    Type: The Hamster Cage

    Color: Clear-Transparent, as the pictures show

    Cage Material:  Acrylic + Plastic

    Size (L*W*H) and Accessories:

               Worthy Kit-11.8'' *7.9''*7.9''/30cm*20cm*20cm 

               Worthy Kit -Cage,house,drinking device,running wheel,bowl

    Application: Hamster etc.

    By Ordering precise which size S, M L XL and which Kit A, B,C you would like 

    Set meal: 

    1st level Size M-11.8''*7.9''*7.9''/30cm*20cm*20cm

    1st level Size M - Cage,flat-top house,bowl, drinking device,running wheel 

    1st level Size L-13.8''*9.8''*9.8''/35cm*25cm*25cm

    Emty cage 1st level Size L-Cage 

    1st level Size L- Cage,wooden house,cat house,running wheel,swing,drinking device,bowl,bathroom,molar stone 

    1st level Size XL-15.7''*11.8''*10.6''/40cm*30cm*27cm

    Emty cage 1st level Size XL -Cage

    1st level Size XL -Cage,wooden house,drinking device,bowl,running wheel,seesaw tunnel,cat house 

    2sd level Size S-11.8''*7.9''*11.8''/30cm*20cm*30cm

    Emty cage 2sd level Size S -Cage 

    2sd level Size S kit A-Cage,house, drinking device,swing,running wheel,bear house,bathroom,bowl,grinding stone 

    2sd level Size S kit B-Cage,external bathroom,house, drinking device,running wheel,bowl,seesaw

    2sd level Size S Kit C-Cage, drinking device,house,external bathroom,grinding stone,bowl,egg house,running wheel 

    2sd level Size L-13.8''*9.8''*13.8''/35cm*25cm*35cm

    Emty cage 2sd level Size L -Cage

    2sd level Size L kit A-Cage,external bathroom,rainbow ladder,wooden house,running wheel,grinding stone,bowl,drinking device,seesaw tunnel

    2sd level Size L kit B-Cage,wooden house,external bathroom,swing,egg bed,drinking device,grinding stone,bowl,rainbow swing,running wheel

    2sd level Size L kit C- Cage,wooden house,external bathroom,swing,drinking dedice,bowl,rainbow swing,grinding stone,running wheel

  • 2sd level Size XL Kit-15.7''*11.8''*15.7''/40cm*30cm*40cm

    Emty cage 2sd level Size XL -Cage

    2sd level Size XL kit A-Cage,external bathroom,spiral stair toy,wooden house,swing,drinking device,grinding stone,bowl,running wheel,seesaw tunnel

    2sd level Size XL kit B-Cage,wooden house,drinking device,spiral stair toy,swing,running wheel,external bathroom,rainbow swing,grinding stone,bowl

    2sd level SizeXL kit C-Cage,wooden house,rainbow ladder,swing,drinking device,external bathroom,house,running wheel,seesaw tunnel,bowl,grinding stone  

    3rd level Size S-11.8''*7.9''*17.8''/30cm*20cm*45cm

    Emty cage 3rd level Size S -Cage

    3rd level Size S kit-Cage,external bathroom,swing,house,running wheel,grinding stone,drinking device,bowl,seesaw 

    3rd level Size L Kit-13.8''*9.8''*19.7''/35cm*25cm*50cm

    Emty cage 3rd level Size L -Cage

    3rd level Size L kit-Cage,wooden house,bear house,swing,drinking device,bowl,bathroom,grinding stone,rainbow swing,running wheel

  • Note:

    1. Every level open/shut with a door panel and is convenient to clean out, The cleaning tool is free as a gift.

    Note that (The gift just for just the empty cage is not included)
    2. If you want to separate your hamsters, or when you want to clean the cage without to bother your pet. you just need to close the door entrance from the level where is your pet in order to clean the other part of the cage



    Please allow 1- 3mm error due to manual measurement (1inch = 2.54cm)
    Item color displayed in photos may be slightly different .
    Please make sure you don't mind before ordering, thanks you for your understanding!


1 x  Pet cage


1 x Cage + 1 x Accessories Set (Supplies accessories color will be send randomly)



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