Large Adjustable Automatic Pet Feeder and Trinket

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English Description:

If you are one of the many people and pet owner who have a busy schedule and are concerned about ensuring proper water/food supply for your furry friend over a couple of days and want to go beyond the traditional approach, then this is for you!

  • Large volume - Designed for all size dog or cat. 
  • Big size (Length 37cm, Width 30cm, High 25cm)
  • Small size(Length 29.5cm, Width 22.5cm, High 25cm
  • Pet-proof lock and hopper-lid and bottom heavy base to prevent tipping. 
  • The feeder or water dispenser is in colorful plastic
  • The water dispense is not included but can be bought separatly  

This is a must for every pet owner, and your dog if it could speak will thanks you for.

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