Interactive Cat Mouse Toy

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We know that keeping your kitty indoors in good for its health. However, in doing so, your baby is missing out on key factors for a healthy, happy life. Because at home their hunting instinct is chronically under-stimulated. This can lead to long term issues such as Depression, Obesity, Diabetes… in some cases even Death. Cat’s love chasing mice. It’s been that way since time began. The Interactive Cat Muse Toy is the perfect interactive hunting toy for your Cat, keeping it entertained for hours!
As cat owners, we can often forget that cats aren’t meant to be indoors! In their natural habitat, they are the ultimate hunter! Their days would consist of stalking prey, giving chase.

Key Features:

  • This motion cat toy is extremely fun for both you and your cat - You can get a good laugh watching your cat trying to catch the swiveling mouse while your cat can feel the joy of endless playing.
  • Keeps Cat's Nails Clean, Healthy & Strong- Catch the mouse motion cat toy has been created upon the highest quality standards. Therefore, it's made to exceed your highest expectations and be 100% safe for your cat to use!
  • No batteries needed,
  • Natural motion charges up and makes the mouse spin.
  • Cats love trying to catch the spinning mouse inside this toy- Simply unbox it and let your kitten play right away! There is no need to buy batteries or assemble different parts.
  • Its compactness allows for carrying it with you wherever you go effortlessly!