Custom cat and dog paralysis wheelchair

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Product description:

A 15-20 kilogram dog suitable for hind limb injuries,catUse

1, super lightness, use, no sense of load, like the shadow!

2 wheelAdjustable heightIt can be adjusted freely according to the height of animals.

3,The bearing wheel is flexibleThe surface is smooth and the interior will not scratch the floor.

4, storage does not occupy space, flat design, animal rehabilitation, and easier to accommodate.

5, the framework is made of stainless steel, not rust, light and strong, beautiful and generous.

6, the body contact hose is acrylic sponge, soft and strong, feel good.

7, the traditional fixed pet neck strap is two, and now increased to three, more in line with the pet body needs


The item may have small variation in dimensions and Colors

The Item will be shipped from abroad , waiting time 14 to 25 days, count extra 5 days from Warehouse packaging &  fulfillment; but may take longer or a shorter time as described.

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