Cat Interactive Scratching Toy with Rotating Running Mouse

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Are you still disturbed by the laziness of your cat? Are you irritate by the floor debris caused by your cats? Do you want to be interactive with your cats and have a closer relationship with your cats? If yes these cat interactive toys can solve your problem. These cat interactive toys adopt PP plastic materials non-toxic and durable. Designed with three bottom pads and a rotatable mouse the cat can catch simulate running mouse upon a stable plate and exercise its agility and responsiveness moreover to have a closer interactive relationship with you and also free from broken your furniture. Why not buy one and start your cat teasing time.


Non-toxic and Durable Materials: Adopts Polypropylene plastic materials and round edge design non-toxic and durable safe for your cats or kittens.

Rotatable Simulating Mouse and Entertain Hours for Your Cats: Base rotating once your kitty touches and continues to spin 360°clockwise and counterclockwise. The motion cat toy is extremely fun for both you and your cat - You can get a good laugh watching your cat trying to catch the swiveling mouse while your cat can feel the joy of endless playing - you guessed it she will never catch the mouse as it constantly spins away from your cat's grasp!

Help Your Cat to be Healthy: To catch the running mouse can exercise their agility and responsiveness enhance their overall health and well beings often play interactive toy can also enhance the relationship between you and your cat.

Multiple Use: Used as a scratchpad to encourage healthy cat scratching habits and clean claws thereby helping to keep cats from scratching furniture.

Warm Tips: No battery need. As with any product supervise your pet's use of this toy. Inspect product regularly for rips or tears and remove toy if damaged or if parts become separated as injury could result.


30 Day Warranty