Black Vinyl Record Clock 7 Small Black Feline

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English Description:

Decorate your empty walls with the symbol of vanity-that a feline represents!!

This Black Vinyl Record Clock with 7 Small Black Feline will add a spark to your wall especially if you are a feline lover.

Key Features:

  • Retro tone, elegant simplicity, home decoration, creative clock, personality wall sticker.
  • Mainly applicable to the living room, office, bedroom, study.
  • Pure copper base, pure coil, durable and durable, large gears, more convenient adjustment, remote control switch, seven medium colors, random adjustable.
  • Shell material: Black glue, mirror material: black glue, dial material: black glue.
  • Smooth edge, no bristles.
  • Feel the wall empty, ordinary decoration no personality, general hanging painting no movement, hand-painted replacement time-consuming materials, retro vinyl record clock easy to solve all problems, nostalgic classics, suitable for a variety of occasions.
  • Simple design, different experiences.



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