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LED Automatic Retractable Traction Rope With Two Leashes & Plastic Bag Box

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There are many good reasons to keep your dog on a leash.

It's a great good neighbor policy, preventing your dog from trespassing on the neighbor's property during your walk.

It also keeps your dog from jumping on people you encounter, ensuring that your dog has the chance of being properly introduced.

It keeps your dog safe. You avoid the possibility of another dog in heat jumping on your dog.

It's a devastating moment for all involved when a dog gets hit by a moving vehicle, etc..


  • The best dog leash for two dogs!
  • This non-tangling retractable leash allows you to walk two dogs at the same time while maintaining individual control of each one!   
  • The reliable brake & lock button ensures the capability to adjust the length of the leash as you need. Push the button down to lock the leash, and click the button back to easily reel your dog back.
  • A retractable dog leash can extend up to 3M, it can withstand 20kg pull, giving them maximum freedom while under your control.    


  • Material quality: high-strength ABSsu engineering plastics, high-density nylon webbing TPE, PP, and other environmentally friendly materials
  • Size: 22*13cm, Rope Length:3m
  • Applicable Dog Type: Small And Medium Pet Dog
  • Application Weight: less than 20 KG

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