750ml Outdoor Travel Water Dispenser for Canine and Feline Friends

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English Description:

Like humans your canine and feline friends need as much water as any other living beings needs, Keep your Furry Friend well hydrated with these 750ml Outdoor Travel Water Dispenser for Canine and Feline Friends when you are traveling with your companions, so that your canine and feline friends will stay hydrated wherever you go, from the park to the car and beyond.

It is so important to them basically, while every important body function requires water and without adequate supply, your pet can become ill and dehydrated.

Water also cools the body and works to maintain a normal body temperature. It lubricates and cushions joints and makes movement easier for all when your furry friends gain in age.

Key Features:

  • Screw on & off with ease. Grip handle & tilt at a slight backward angle to allow your pet to comfortably eat or drink.
  • Wide mouth and long sleeves for dogs of any size.
  • Solid plastic cup to drink that is sturdier than silicone or rubber sleeves.
  • Keeps liquids cool for more than 8 hours, optimal hydration on hot & cold days, or extended trips out and about.
  • Avoid water spillage with an ergonomic cup design.
  • Large water storage capacity.
  • Whether you're on a quick walk in the park, camping for the weekend, on a road trip, or doing some outdoor fitness, this is a great & convenient way to let your dog join you this 750ml Outdoor Travel Water Dispenser for Pets will be useful.
  • For those times your hands get wet or you're sweating, allowing you to keep a firm grip.
  • Stainless Steel Bottle and the drinking cup is made up of sturdy plastic.


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