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About Us 

Founded by Sylvie Eymin, Paws Family is an online pet and lifestyle company based in New Zealand. 

We offer Reiki-inspired jewellery, fashion and pet supplies for cats and dogs, as well as unique gifts for animal lovers. 

Sylvie is not only a Reiki master but also a devoted cat lover, who decided to create her own range of  jewellery, clothing, and mugs with Reiki symbols and feline-inspired designs. 

Whether you are buying something for yourself or a friend, Paws Family features wonderful collections and can customise products to suit your needs. They also offer a print-on-demand service to personalise products for customers - the sky really is the limit! 

Paws Family is a limited company that’s registered in New Zealand. 

About the Founder 

Born in Cameroon, West Africa, Sylvie Eymin immigrated to New Zealand in 2009 with her two Birman cats, Amigo and Melissa. She lived in France and Germany for nearly 20 years before making the move to New Zealand where she enjoys the outdoors lifestyle and natural environment. 

Since then, she has been busy setting up her pet-themed business, which incorporates her love of New Zealand andamusing Kiwi Slang. She decided to create a pet-lovers collection, combining her passion for animals with the potential of a print-on-demand service. 

Prior to her arrival in New Zealand, Sylvie studied Reiki in Germany and has completed all four levels to become a fully qualified Reiki master. Her mentor was Edith Menger and she follows the teachings of Mikao Usui. 

Sylvie strongly believes that doing something you love contributes to your overall wellbeing. She initially started Paws Family to provide additional income for her bookkeeping business. But as the business has grown, she hopes it may one day support both her and her Birman’s full time. 

You can find out more about Sylvie’s much-loved Birman’s on their personal website:  My Beloved Birmans 

Please contact us directly at PawsFamily4U@mail.com

Sylvie and her Cats - The Crazy Cats Lady