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Reiki for Pet Lovers

Reiki for Pet Lovers

Reiki for Pets Lovers:
Rei (spirit) ki (energy) is a spirtual energy healing practice, which originated in Japan.
There’s no doubt we share a strong bond with our pets, so when they get sick it’s an anxious time for us.
Often, it can happen when we least expect it. Since we want to do the best for our pets – that may mean taking care of ourselves as well – so that we are able to give them the best care.
It’s not uncommon to feel helpless during these challenging times because our animal companions are so reliant on us, and we would do anything for them.
Distance Reiki is a powerful healing technique that will assist in deep relaxation, and develop emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. It is also said to help people cope with difficulties like these.
These specially designed packages are created with pet-loving people in mind.
Cho Ku Rei
What is Distance Reiki?
One amazing thing about Distance Reiki is that you can be anywhere to receive it.
You don’t need to be near the practitioner to reap the huge benefits.
Distance healing includes therapeutic work in which practitioners, without touching their patients, try to alter their energy fields.
How does distance Reiki work?
I offer a natural healing method, which to a client, is a passive experience of relaxation and of being cared for, as the practitioner lays their hands over the person or the person’s photo. 
Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen
About the Reiki Practitioner
As well as being a devoted pet owner, the practitioner, Sylvie Eymin, has 4 attunements in Reiki Usui, she is a master and teacher.
Sylvie studied Reiki in Germany and has completed all four levels to become a fully qualified Reiki master.
Her mentor was Edith Menger, and she follows the teachings of Mikao Usui.
Reiki Usui 4 Levels Certificates
Who was Mikao Usui?
Born on August 15, 1865, in the Yamagata region of Japan, Mikao Usui is the creator of this system known as Reiki.
He was influenced by Tendai Buddhism, Shintoism, Martial Arts, and Shugendō. 
At four years of age, he was sent to a Buddhist monastery to start his education.
He became interested in psychology, medicine, and various religions from around the world.
Later, Mikao Usui married Sadako Suzuki and had two children: Fuji and Toshiko. 
It’s said that in around 1900, Mikao Usui had a near-death experience and became seriously ill, which made him reflect upon his life. 
After, during a deep meditative state on Kurama Mountain, he received a strong beam of bright, white light and a vision of the Reiki symbols.
When leaving the mountain, it’s reported that he hurt his toe on a rock and fell.
Then, he placed his hand over his toe and began to heal himself with the energy in his hands.
So amazed by this experience, Usui realised that he gained the ability to heal, and went on to teach others what he’d learned.
Fortunately, for people across the world this energy healing work is now available for all.
Mikao Usui
What I offer ; Are you a pet lover that needs healing?
I will send you distance healing Reiki energy for15 minutes daily for treating any disease.
There are three packages which include basic, standard, and premium
There is no automation process with crystals.
Only manually healing with my skills and concentration. 
Starting with the Basic Healer Package– I will send you powerful distant Reiki energy for your wellness for 15 minutes daily for 7 days.
If you need a longer treatment, try the Standard Healer Package, where I will send you powerful distant Reiki energy for your wellness for 15 minutes daily for 1 month.
The Premium Healer Package is the longest treatment, and I will send you powerful distant Reiki energy for your wellness for 15 minutes daily for 2 months. For bookings please visit this link.
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