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What is La Tomatina Festival?

La Tomatina Festival is a Tomato Fiesta originally from Spain.

 La Tomatina

The history of La Tomatina Festival:

The tradition of a tomato fight has been taking place in Bunol (pronounced Boon-Yol) a town near Valencia since 1944/1945; The festival was banned in the 1950s during the Franco years for having no religious significance.

The Festival was once permitted after few locals protested in favor of La Tomatina in the 1957s.

It was revived by Gusto in the 1970s.

This festival started by accident during a parade, when one the musician felt, hitting everything that was on its way, so the crowd became angry and begun throwing tomatoes that they found on a nearby stand;

During this festival town people attack town city council men with tomatoes.

La Tomatina has since then gained in exponential popularity. They are now limits on tickets release to visit that event.

 La Tomatina Bunol

When is la Tomatina?

La Tomatina 2019 : 28th of August

La Tomatina 2020 : 26th of August

La Tomatina 2021 : 25th of August

 Tomatoes Spain

Where do the tomatoes for La Tomatina come from?

They come from Extramadura a western Spanish region border with Portugal; they are less expensive and are grown especially for the holidays.

 Free Event

Is it a free event?

La Tomatina was a free event till 2013, but then the exponential popularity of the event push the town to take some security measures, to assure that visitors will enjoy this event without any major issues.

 Amigo & La Tomatina

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