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Crypto-Currency Qoin

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Crypto-Currency Qoin

Through Covid19 we are entering a new Era and we are all looking on New Ways of making businesses, making payment etc...
Maybe Different Providererers like Shops, Softwares, Doctors, Dentists, Opticians, Supermarkets, Dairies, Subscriptions based companies like Chamber of Commerce, Xero Accounting Softwares, Payroll Softwares, different events like Soccer, Rugby stadiums, cinemas etc, could be interested in looking into Qoin Crypto Currency which takes Astralia and Zealand by storm?
To find their Youtube Channel for more information: 
To find their website and register as a Merchant like I did: 
Paying Utilities bills like, Power, Rent, Internet Fiber Connection, Telephone and Mobile connection, pharmacy, doctors, dentists, opticians and use could just be amazing.
You all surely know the Network Bartercard with its Bartercard Trade Dollars...Some history and Information
They are as well good for Charities...All explain by following their Videos on Youtube.
The Chiefs Rugby Team Hamilton is sponsored by Bartercard and Qoin here for you to check
Here some more Information for you: 
I hope at some stage I will be able to pay all these utilities bills with Qoin and buy groceries online from divers supermarkets with qoin.
For some Buzz in the Community look at their Facebook
In the main time at Paws Family Ltd we are offering any Customers B2C & B2B to pay 75% in Cash and 25% in Qoin. If you are interested, contact us.

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