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Are you a charity looking to partner with a business to help promote your cause?

Are you a charity looking to partner with a business to help promote your cause?

Charity Partnership Offer:

Paws Family Ltd would like to offer their services in support of charities and organisations whose ideals align with our own. Whether you want visibility or assistance with fundraising, let’s work together to drive meaningful social impact through a partnership that is mutually beneficial. 

In exchange for visibility on your website, newsletter, or blog, we can provide print-on-demand branded items that are customised to your needs. By collaborating with us, you can offer product perks to your subscriptions and members while helping build our brand and your subscription base. 

What we offer 

Paws Family can offer between 10% to 20% of sale profits to charities. 

Through collaborative efforts, we partner with companies of all shapes and sizes, whether you’re in New Zealand, Australia or further afield.

 When organisations and charities refer clients to us, we can offer them 10% of the sale price. We are also happy to offer free blog posts on our website, with direct links to the charity/organisation’s website and offers, same with our newsletters.

Who we work with 

We are happy to connect with and collaborate with both animal and human-focused organisations but are particularly interested in those who share our interest in animal welfare and environmental protection. 

The founder of Paws Family, Sylvie, is an animal lover, so we would love to hear from organisations and charities that are raising awareness about native wildlife or supporting injured/abused animals. 

Working together is a great way for charities to raise extra funds while boosting awareness and support from subscribers. 

What are some of the benefits of working together? 

  • Increased sales
  • Improved customer loyalty
  • A unique selling point to attract subscribers
  • Create strong incentives
  • Increased awareness about your cause 

If you are interested in working together, please feel free to get in touch. 

Please contact us directly at PawsFamily4U@mail.com


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