Dog Beds with Cartoon Cats all over

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English Description:

If you love your pet, you would like to gibe him the best and original place to sleep and get his rest.

Do you love your pet?

Do yo like originality?

Do you like your pet to hav his own bed and resting space?

Then this made for you bed should be the perfect one for you.

  • The weather resistant option is durable as well as mildew & mold resistant and the fleece is a soft and snuggly resting place.
  • Covers are removable for easy washing!
  • Indoor Dog Bed - Coral fleece top, dark brown cotton duck backing 
  • Water Resistant Dog Bed - weather resistant polyester top, waterproof cotton duck bottom in blackBoth -
  • polyester fill bun insert, zipper closure
  • Sizes

    18x28 inch30x40 inch40x50 inch

If you pet could choose for himself, this is what it would buy.

Order now!

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