Hi! I'm Dexter. I am 8 years and 2 months old and I live with my Mammy, Bethany who is only 17; She adopted me. We are the very best of friends and do lots of fun things together, but on Tuesday 27th March 2018 our lives changed … this is my story …

Dexter and Bethany were on a walk near Easington Beach when Beth lost sight of Dexter in the long grass. A search quickly got underway and carried on until after midnight. Dexter wasn’t found and it was presumed that he had gone home; sadly this was not he case.

In the early hours of Wednesday morning Beth, two family friends and a volunteer from Lost & Hound K9 Capture Team searched the shoreline and spotted Dexter at the foot of a 130 foot cliff, he had fallen from the cliff and had lain there all night cold and injured.

The Fire Brigade attended to help us rescue Dexter because of the location where he was found and Dexter 's vet administered pain relief before the Fire Brigade carried Dexter across the rocks and up the coastal steps to safety.
He was then transferred to Wear Referrals to assess the extent of his injuries.

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