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Take control of your finances and enter the exciting world of transactional digital currency by joining other ways of doing business.

Qoin is innovative, progressive, and easy to use for all during this type of area we are living in with Covid19...

Simply download the Qoin wallet from the App Store or Google Play for IOS or Android phone and start buying, selling, and earning or offering the Qoin payment on your website.

Say that Sylvie Eymin-PawsFamilyLtd did refer you.

Using your phone or tablet you can use Qoin to purchase goods and services at registered merchants or save it and build your own Qoin wallet.

The future for intelligent currency is easy, fast, and empowering.

Actually, they are more than 34877 validated Merchants between Australia and New Zealand actually in New Zealand more than 2500 validated merchants.

From December 2020 to the end of March the value of the Qoin doubles up.

The more people join the Qoin Community, the more the value of the Qoin grows.

Go to qoin.world to find out more.

Paws Family Ltd is a Qoin Merchant, so if you would like to buy our items and pay on Qoins please contact Sylvie or Tel 0064 21 027 85 195 and Sylvie will order it for you but before hands, you will pay her some Qoins for the value of the item in her Wallet.

Then at the moment, Shopify does not accept Qoin as a payment provider but I suppose that will happen in a near future.

Finally, this is the  Qoin Wallet for Paws Family Ltd where Qoins will be received in payment of your orders.

For more information, you can follow the Youtube Channel of Qoin

On top of this under others in Australia, we have in New Zealand The Chief who is participating in Qoin see here: 

Sylvie has as well a Bookkeeping Services in New Zealand EyminS AccountS Ltd and Sylvie offers that the clients are paying for the offered Services in Qoins.

Happy to welcome you as a Qoin Customers and a Qoin Community Member!





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