Pets Bed 3-layer Natural Wicker Weaving Cat/Dog Nest Villa

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English Description:

If you love your pet and want to offer him a bit privacy and a nice relaxing environment in taking care of your environment too read what follow… 

This two levels ratan pet bed will offer all these to your cat or dog and will help him to feel more relax and happy.

Give your pet his fun back!


The pet House has two levels if will become a great source of relaxation for your pet and a good source of exercise for your cat which will be able to climb, scratch his claws, sleep and relax in cosy environment. 

  • Material: made of 100 % bamboo /ratan stable and safe
  •  Attracts Instantly your cat;
  •  Strong , stable and safe
  •  Observation platforms/bed in tandem for dog and cat
  •  Easy to clean, with a slightly moist tissue;
  • Cushions and toys not included.

A bed, house and play ground for healthy paws, which can be stress relieving, for your cat and very relaxing for your dog, a bed that they will just approve!


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