Adjustable Pet Dog Leads - Chest Straps

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If you are a dog lover and you are travelling often with your pet in the car, your pet safety should be your number one goal. 

Do you love your dog? 

Are you travelling often? 

Are you worry about your pet safety by driving your dog to the park? 

They are many offers online; But If you want to keep yourself, your canine companion, and the other drivers on the road as safe as possible, then it is best to restrain your dog with a seat belt and/or a car harness. 

In some countries or region, you may have to pay some fines if your pet safety is not respected 

You are driving often out with your pet and pet safety is your number one goal, 

Now that you know that it is wise, and sometimes even a legal obligation to secure your dog, you may know that a dog seat belt is a safety device that restrains the movement of your pup and keeps him stabilized. 

  • Reduces driver distraction for safer car trips  
  • Adjustable Dog Car Seat Bells & Harness
  • Color: Black, Pink, Blue 
  • Material: Polyester

Can also be used as a walking harness 

Dog harnesses are appropriate safety devices. These devices secure around the chest of your dog with either straps or a full fabric vest. 

This helps to keep your dog stable during an accident while also ensuring the force of crash is retained over the whole body, much in the same way that a lap and chest seatbelt does. 



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