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Wall Corner Cat Scratch Board Claw Sharpener

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Cats have a natural urge to scratch: the action helps them remove old material from their claws, and they mark territory with scent glands in their paws.

Cats scratch and climb to leave their scent and visual markings, sharpen their claws, and stretch their legs.

Can be used as a trampoline to a wall-mounted sporting pathway for your cat from a wall corner or from some furniture that you want to protect; this wooden scratching post covered in rough material that cat owners provide to their pets should not fail, they will trim their nails and the sisal around the post will attract the cat.


  • Name: Cat scratching post
  • Material: solid wood
  • Ideal to protect furniture, walls and build a sporting pathway for cats as a climbing and jumping platform
  • Product size: 45cm
  • A: Solid wood white (45cm high)
  • B: Solid wood color (45cm high)

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