Luxury Large Train Wooden Climbing Tree for Cats

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English Description:

If you love your cat and are searching an incredible and luxurious Play Cat Station in Train form for your cat, you are on the right page, read following.. 

  • Do you love you cat?
  • Do you want to give him an incredible playing and scratching ground?
  • Do you like to see you cat happy, healthy and save?
  • Are you a train Fan? 

This Train Cat Train offer it all in one, your cat will enjoy climbing on this locomotive, scratching it to care for his claws, and have at the same time a save and cosy environment where to rest and feel warm. 

  • Material: Wood
  • Size: 81x60x35cm
  • Weight: 15Kg 

If you cat could choose,he could short list this item, while cat love climbing, scratching and sleeping in a cosy environment, enjoying their own privacy when needed.


Order it now! 


Description Francaise: