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English Description:

Pet Electric Blanket Waterproof & Adjustable Heat is ideal for the wellbeing of your pet, for all If you are living in a cold country or have elderly pets, like cats and dogs that you care for.

Like human pets are sensitive to cold, and like they comfort. 

  • Fabric: synthetic fiber
  • Size: 40 * 60 cm
  • Gear: three shift switch
  • Power supply: alternating current <800W
  • Voltage: 220 v
  • Electric Heater Type:¬†Tubular Heater
  • Waterproof. Wear-resistant, easy to maintain, color random
  • Function:¬†Adjustable Thermostat,Overheat Protection,Remote Controlled,Ventilation,waterproof
  • 4Area Heated:¬†<20„é°
  • Heating Element:¬†Heating Wire
  • Certification:¬†CE
  • Temperature:20 to 70 degree
  • Temperature Levels:10 levels
  • Cable Length: 140cm
  • Pet friendy electric blanket


A must have to make feel your pet comfortable when it is cold or when they are going older. To refer to, Even indoor cats/dogs feel the cold, particularly when the owners are out of the house and the heating is switched off, and of course outdoor cats/dogs feel the icy chill in the air just as much as we do.

Like humans some cats/dogs feel the cold more than others, particularly older cats/dogs, very young cats/dogs or cats/dogs suffering from illness. 

So think at your beloved pet dog or cat and buy him something to feel comfortable right now! 

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