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The cat toy that is going to keep your cat occupied We all love our little kittens, they are so soft, warm and adorable. You give them love and they give it back to you. It’s such a wonderful and sweet experience that you only get to know once you’ve connected with one of these amazing felines.  As you know, cats grow, and very rapidly. You can almost see how they’re turning into adults day after day, but before they mature and their energy levels go down they need to be entertained. All of the cats need to be exercised,...

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Hi! I'm Dexter. I am 8 years and 2 months old and I live with my Mammy, Bethany who is only 17; She adopted me. We are the very best of friends and do lots of fun things together, but on Tuesday 27th March 2018 our lives changed … this is my story …Dexter and Bethany were on a walk near Easington Beach when Beth lost sight of Dexter in the long grass. A search quickly got underway and carried on until after midnight. Dexter wasn’t found and it was presumed that he had gone home; sadly this was not...

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Paws Family LTD has an Heart for Pets and is happy to feature any funding pages and stories needed for pets. Follow our stories here, be part of helping animals and animals lovers, have an heart for pets! In order to do so contact Sylvie at admin@pawsfamilly.com you will need to send your text, photos, link, and Paws Family will open a blog Page for you. Otherwise we are posting time to time some blog post for our business.  Thanks.

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Dali needs treatments and Surgery and welcome any funding, this is a call of urgency, please help! "Dr Emerson found 3 more tumors. She has to have them removed. They are pressing on facial bones and doesn't have time to wait. The other tumors had already broken her facial bone on the side she just had the surgery on. ..." On Instagram at @tumbleweedsquirrelly Thanks for your support!

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This is part of the story from Frisco the Duck. This little duck has had a rough start to life and really needs your help to get to Wellington NZ for Treatment... He's been through a lot, and is still fighting to live life and after nursing him daily for three months it will break my heart if he has to be euthanised because I can't get him to Wellington.. Please get in touch if you can help...  Frisco will be going to Wellington on the PetBus, thanks to a generous discount in the price from the PetBus, and the...

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