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"Friends are the Family you Choose for yourself", I grew in West Africa, Cameroon, and I am still in contact ith my childhood/school friends, we are all around the planet but one friend or a friend of a friend need help we all try to be there.. Today Georges Kritikos gain PawsFamily's Attention, as you know PawsFamily is a pets supplies store online and like to help and present interesting projects regarding pets. Georges is taking on "Strays" ( Dogs), he clean them up, educate them, train them to human and find for them families willing to give them a loving...

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Any pet lover can tell you that training a dog can be a challenging task. It requires time, patience, and lots of self-will.  However, thanks to technology, it is now possible for pet owners to train their dogs to go out and come back into the house. Your pet no longer has to scratch doors to get in and out of the house, thanks to this pet doorbell. This wireless waterproof doorbell helps give your dog more independence. By simply using their paws or nose, they can easily touch the transmitter and ring the doorbell. Some of the features available...

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