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Birman Cat | Sacred Cat of Burma | Sacred Birman

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Birman Cat | Sacred Cat of Burma | Sacred Birman

Birman Cat

Birman Cat which is also known as Sacred Burma is one of the most beautiful cats in the world. It has a silky coat of cream color on all over its body, deep blue eyes and contrasting white “gloves” or “socks” on each paw, which is a symbol of purity.

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This beautiful Cat breed is derived from crosses between Siamese and Angoras or Persians, but, when the original meetup occurred, it is not known. However, the name is derived from Birmanie, the French form of Burma, therefore it is also known as Sacred Cat of Birman.



Birman Cat is a medium-sized cat with a stocky, powerful body that belies his gentle demeanor. There are different colors of the fur of Birman Cat’s includes; Frost, Blue, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Lilac and Fawn, etc. but eye color remains blue. They have a medium-length coat which maybe mitted or pointed. They have a broad rounded head with a medium ear.

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Birman Cats are very loving toward humans. They love to get the attention of your kids and enjoy playing with them. They become affectionate toward your family in a small time and have a long-lasting potential of playing with you and your family. They are highly intelligent pets and become familiar with your cat-loving dog in no time. Birman kittens are very curious, active and playful, and they need many different toys to develop and the right way. With age, their activities begin decreasing, and Birman Cats become calm and prefer peaceful games. The Birmans usually use a soft voice with you. They may remain quiet when you are in a bad mood because they can easily detect the temper of a man.



As far as health concerns Sacred Birmans may have a few genetic problems like Congenital hypotrichosis; but it is rare, Corneal dermoid; it can be removed by a small surgery, Spongiform degeneration; it prolongs with time, Shaking and trembling in kittens which reduces with time. However, they rarely suffer genetic problems. Vaccination is important for young ones, but usually owners do not pay intention toward it, however, it is very dangerous and may cause problems in the future. Occasionally, Birmans may get apical hypertrophic cardiomyopathy but only at young ages. Ideally, an adult Birman weighs 12lbs to 13lbs. Birman Cat may live up to 14 years with you.



Birman's food should be check properly as they are very sensitive toward there food. Until the age of 12 months, your kitten should have constant access to food.  Like all other cats, it is not allowed to feed your Birman Cats with foods that contain sugar or chocolate, cow milk or dog food. Use only certified Cat food or ask from a veterinarian for a better food plan. If you detect hairballs in its stomach, then cat grass maybe use, as it helps to eliminate hairballs and other unwanted materials.


Grooming (Use of Dual-Use Brush Needle Comb)

Birmans are very docile and sensitive toward their hair and have less immunity against the hairball which may form in their stomach when a cat scratches out hairs from its skin.

As shedding of hair is a continuing phenomenon in cats, so, you must have to find out its solution.  

If you are thinking of bath your cat, then wait, because Birman doesn’t like bathing. As they shed hair continually then you must have to comb it again and again, so that fallen hair may not get entry inside the stomach.

To sort out this problem “Dual-Use Brush Needle Comb” is the best comb, because it has not so long bristles the same as your cat has not so long hair, so it does not cause any problem on your cat’s skin.

Moreover, wide-toothed side cleans fallen hair from the fur and narrow-toothed side plugs out dead and clings hair by charging it with the opposite charge.

It also has a long handle by which you can grasp it easily and perform your job without any problem.

Using this comb you not only remove its hair but also, you can remove that hair which may fall in the future.

Combing twice a week not only looks pretty but also helps in maintaining its health. So, comb your Birman Cat with “Dual-Use Brush Needle Comb” to avoid problems in the future.

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